3/4 Rec League Information

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(posted 12/21/2018)

3/4 Recreational Basketball Information 2018-2019

3rd and 4th grade boys and girls play in a recreational league in Forest Grove. This league is open to all 3/4 graders regardless of skill level.  In the past we have been able to offer recreational basketball for 5/6 grade boys and girls.  Unfortunately, Forest Grove has discontinued that program.  We will be unable to offer recreational basketball for 5/6 grade this year.

How will teams be divided? On November 17, 2018, there will be a Rec Team Evaluation Clinic. High School coaches will evaluate players and do their best to split teams evenly. Our goal is to have evenly competitive teams. Once teams are divided up, you will be contacted in late November by your coach with practice times.

Rec Eval Clinic - Saturday, November 17, 2018 - Banks Elementary School
• 3/4 Boys - 9:00am - 10:15am
3/4 Girls - 11:30am - 12:45pm
(Must be at Clinic to be placed on a team, unless prior notice given)

Who will coach? Coaches are welcome to apply online. We welcome and encourage anyone interested to give it a try. No experience required.

Cost? Cost is $75 to play. If your child needs a jersey, it is an additional $25. The same uniforms are used year to year, we encourage you to ask friends and family for outgrown or no longer needed jerseys to help keep costs down.

Commitment level? There are usually 2 practices a week. All games are played on Saturdays in Forest Grove. Teams usually play 10 games during the season. Games start after winter break and end (usually) the first weekend of March. Schedules for these games are available the first week of January.

Recreational League Rules

  • Score will be kept.  The score is kept on paper at the score table, however, it will not be shown on the scoreboard in the girls league, but will in the boys league.
  • Traveling and fouls to be loosely called at this level
  • 20 minute running halves (clock will stop for timeouts/substitutions only)
  • At this level substitutions will be done simultaneously by each team every 5 minutes (approx.) . Substitution patterns will be used.
  • Playing time will be divided equally at all levels
  • Each team will have one 1-minute timeout per half
  • 5 minute halftime
  • Man to Man defense only ( no zone )
  • No back court pressing
  • All divisions will use a 28.5” basketball
  • League will play on 9 foot hoops. 
  • League will play 5 on 5
  • Each Team must provide one adult to help with the game clock/scorebook.
  • This is a recreational/developmental league, where skill development and fun are the main points of emphasis. Likewise, sportsmanship will be taught and modeled.
  • We are guests in the gyms we are using; please keep trash picked up, and please supervise your players and inform parents/families that we are using the gyms and restrooms only. There should not be anyone loitering in the hallways or other common areas of the school.
  • Any coach or fan that is showing disrespect to the volunteers working the game may be asked to leave the gym.
  • Please remember that all ref’s and time clock/score keepers are volunteers please be kind and respectful to them and remember that no one is perfect!


5/6 Grade Rec League Information

Unfortunately, Forest Grove has decided they will not offer a program for 5/6 grade Rec Basketball.  We encourage all kids to sign up and attend our Classic Tryouts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will be looking for other options for our Rec players in the future. If your child does not make our Classic team, we would encourage them to look into the Hoop/ YMCA  program to continue to work on their basketball game.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions at banksyouthbasketball@gmail.com.

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